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9/8: Today we received this very complimentary email from our customer Bill regarding his pastrami sandwich. It's true, we have changed the way we prepare our NY style pastrami brisket. We now steam our briskets for 3-4 hours before hand slicing it and serving it, just like they do at Langer's in Los Angeles and Katz's in NYC and at $8, "*It's more affordable than a plane ticket to NYC!"

*Matt Cohen

©Photo by   Max Berkowitz

©Photo by Max Berkowitz

Name: Bill Cola

Subject: Pastrami/Marble Rye

Message: "The pastrami / marble rye today had much thicker sliced pastrami than in times past. This is a FANTASTIC change, and I hope it's permanent. It is as good or better than the heavies of NYC. WOW!"

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